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Techmi was founded in 2013. Its original focus was to assist non-profits and ministries with their technical needs and eliminating unnecessary startup technical costs. For five years Techmi helped over 30 non-profits and ministries gain an advantage in the technical world while keeping their costs low so they could fulfill their vision and missions. In an ever-changing world, Techmi is changing right along with it. The company’s main goal and focus will still remain the same, but a new partnership means a new direction.

In early 2018 Techmi partnered with MCS USA to become an authorized re-seller of subscriber identity module cards, also known as SIM cards. Once placed into a cell phone these SIM cards will eliminate monthly cell phone bills. Techmi’s new goal is to have you be free of the burden of a monthly bill. The SIM card service is good for 9 years, that is 9 years without a single cell phone service bill. Sound too good to be true? Check out our How Does It Work tab to find out more.



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