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iOS 10 Available Tomorrow – What You Can Look Forward To

iOS 10 is set to be pushed out tomorrow on September 13th. Just 3 days prior to the iPhone 7 going on sale. I have been using iOS 10 for about 2 1/2 months now as a developer and I have seen the changes that have been made through out the summer. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite features. If you want the skinny version of it just watch the iOS 10 video from Apple just below this paragraph.


The new messaging features are fun and interactive. From a new Emoji experience to hand written messages. There are a lot of little hidden features Apple didn’t announce so I will leave it to the Every Thing Apple Pro to tell you about some of these features. Watch this short overview of the iMessages.

Top 10 New Features

If you have a couple minutes you can watch this video ,in 4K if you wish, to get a head start on learning how to use the new iOS 10 before it is released tomorrow. Keep in mind this video was made based on the Developer Beta release number 1. I am super excited about the Photo app upgrade with the memories tab. The app can create movies for you based on time periods like “Best of 2015″ or ” Last Weekend”

50 Hidden Features

Still not had enough? Watch some hidden features that have been discovered in the last few months that were not announced by Apple. I know this post is mostly videos. Frankly, no one wants to read about features on a device you need to see with your own eyes. Good Luck and enjoy the new iOS 10.

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