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iPhone 7 – What you need to know


This morning Apple held a press conference to announce the new iPhone 7 and its features. The conference started off with Tim Cook and the Late Late Show host James Cordan doing carpool karaoke to One Republic as James drives Tim to the event.  Tim moved through some updates and new items such as Mario from Nintendo is coming to the App Store. iWork now has real-time collaboration. Pokemon Go is now coming to Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 2 is swim proof and is rated to go up to 50 meters deep in water.  It is also getting an upgrade in hardware including a 50% faster processor, a GPU upgrade, brighter display, built-in GPS and is now available in a ceramic case.


iPhone 7



iPhone 7 colors are available in Jet Black, Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold as picture above. The Home Button is now a Force Touch utilizing the Taptic engine in the device. with iOS 10 you will be required to press to enter your phone after it has been unlocked via TouchID.

Water and Dust Resistant

The iPhone 7 is now a IP67 standard. This means your iPhone can now withstand water up to 50 meters deep.



New stabilizer, now gets 50% more light, and a 6 element lense. New 12MP camera with a front side camera of 7MP which is up from the 5MP in the 6S. The iPhone 7 Plus comes with 2 x 12MP cameras, one is a wide lense and the other a telefocal.  This allows for extremely great photos when zooming in. You can now apply a blur to the background of photos using the 7 Plus camera in portrait mode.


Stereo speakers, one on top and one on bottom.


Lightning connected EarPods included. Also includes an adapter to still use the old head phone jack.


Wireless Audio

Wireless EarPods called AirPods, 5 hours per charge with a 24 hours recharging case. Double tap to access Siri with an infrared sensor to only play when it is in your ear.



New A10 Fusion Processing Chip, 64bit 4 core. 2 cores are high performance and the other 2 high efficiency cores for extended battery life. 6 Core GPU chip. This amount of performance will allow for apps and software that were just not available yet running 40% faster than the A9 in the 6S. Such apps like Adobe Lightroom allows for editing live photos in a full on Adobe application. With longer battery life with gains on average of 2 hours from the 6S to the 7.

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