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Something You Didn’t Know – Techmi’s Orphanage Support

Grace House Orphanage – Krupa Ghar

For the past three years, Techmi has supported Grace House in Mumbai, India. We helped develop a website for them to get their story to the public. It is extremely expensive for technology in India. In the United States, a mere $10 to $20 a month for a website and hosting with email is not that much to take on. In India that is one-third of Sweety’s rent for the orphanage building. Techmi has been providing all of this at no cost to the Grace House.

We tell you this now so you see that when you partner with Techmi you partner with much more for the common good. Techmi partners with several other places that do good things for people everyday. We have developed great relationships with life changers in our local community and abroad. Its just one more thing to feel great about when choosing us for your technical solutions.

Brian Thompson of Techmi stands with kids of Sweety's Orphange

Brian Thompson of Techmi (in the back in yellow) visiting Sweety & Selvins orphanage in Mumbai, India

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