FireFan – Real Time Game Play Against Friends During Professional Sporting Events

FireFan, the next generation of mobile gaming is here. When we came across this app in the spring of 2016 our analysis told us this checks all the boxes to be the next big thing. FireFan includes the real-time interactive abilities that all the hottest apps have and more. Some features made us say “How did they do that?”. Example you are playing against some friends on the Seahawks vs 49ers game. Time out is called and then your phone alerts you and FireFan says something like “Will Russell Wilson run the ball or throw a pass on the next play?” you have a few seconds to answer. Get it correct and you gain more points. person will most points will win that game.

How To Play

You must pre-register to download the app. It is Free-to-play with in app purchases. Watch the short video below.


Not only can you compete against friends, but you can compete against your city or state in several categories. You can play multiple games at the same time. One against some friends and another at the sports bar you are watching the game at.

firefan registration

Sports that will be available on launch day:

  • NFL Football
  • MLS Soccer

We have heard that NBA and Premier League Soccer soo to follow. They will be introducing other sports down the line.

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